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Becoming Alice 


16 mm ArriFlex /, 1′, 2006



No Dialogue 



A wonderland can turn into a nightmare. 



In my first year at CalArts we had a 1 minute assignment that we shot on 16 mm and we had to edit it with our bare hands old style. It was a fun project. I had the vision of my all times favorite Alice being chased by a scary bunny and getting killed with a shotgun. A girl’s car breaks then she meets the mad hutter who gives her ‘magical mushrooms’ that change her mood and take her to wonderland. However it ends tragically. This was more on purpose against drugs theme. 


I remember having the wonderland effect with colorful balloons as low budget as it could get, a classmate had to wear the bunny costume in that hot weather and he wasn’t too happy about it, I still used that Alice costume on Halloween. The original 16 mm is lost so this is a quality lost version. 



Bijou Film Festival, CalArts, Film & Video



Kaiti Tronnes/Alice

Brian Higdon/Mad Hutter, Bunny



Writer/Director: Bessy Adut

Dop: Jesse Barret-Mills

Original Song: Cynthia Simonian

Shooting Location: Los Angeles, California 


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