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Canon 7D / HD, Versions of 12′, 17′ & 22′ , 2011






A modern beauty & the beast story. 



A beautiful woman, a wanna be young actress Kıvılcım obsessed with her own beauty wishing to be explored, getting ready for an audition and an overweight guy, passionate with delicious food, a film geek, studying at an art college, meet one day. On one side, we see the beautiful girl looks at her own reflection checking her make up on the patisserie window, on the other side Daghan is deeply focused on the cakes at the window. Just for a split second their eyes meet on the two sides of the patisserie screening window. She gets uncomfortable, she suddenly turns her back and sits at a table. Fat man sees this and gets mad at that minute because she is sitting on his everyday routine favorite table by ruining his daily routine!



Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, 2012

Akbank Short Film Festival Competition, April 2012

Category: Competition



Kivilcim Ural

Metin Avsar

Zafer Algoz

Wilma Elles



Writer / Director / Producer: Bessy Adut

Assistant Director / Continuity: Mine Paşamehmetoğlu

Art Director: Rila Koksal

Production Design: Ilona Levi 

Costume: Beste Gurel 

Director of Photography: Burak Kanbir

Assistant Camera: Ersan Capa 

Sound Design / Mix: Melodika

Original Tracks: Cagri Sertel, Loras Audio 

Online: Birkan Ozekan, Ilker Canikligil, Yusuf Ziya Kaya

Shooting Location: Istanbul, Turkey 




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