Tolerance, 2011 Writer, Director, Producer Bessy Adut
Strange Little Girl, 2009 Writer, Director, Producer Bessy Adut
Shattered Soul 2007 Production Design Assistant Mustafa Altioklar
Forbidden Door, 2005 Writer, Director Bessy Adut
Out of Control, 2001 Director Bessy Adut
The Other Realm, 2009 Production Assistant Donna Spangler
Red, 2003 Director/Actress Bessy Adut
Pulp fiction remake, 2003 Actress/Director Bessy Adut
Robin the Hood, 2008 Script Supervisor Janice & Jeanette Wells Lipton
Father Chaos, 2006 Director Bessy Adut
Becoming Alice, 2006 Director Bessy Adut
Swan’s Lake Calhoun, 2007 One Act Play Director Bessy Adut
Cennet, 2007 Production Assistant Biray Dalkiran
Teacher, 2006 Script Supervisor Carl Fieler
Midnight, 2005 Script Continuity Gorav Kalyan
I Lost My Yellow Basket.2005 Make Up Greg Rentis

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